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In What language is the New Testament written?

In What language is the New Testament written

The New Testament in Greek was written by different authors over 150 years because it was the language of the educated. Alexander the Great through his conquests made it the dominant language in the Mediterranean. Additionally, many early Christians were from Greece and Rome, two of the most influential centres of culture and learning at that time.

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second temple of jerusalem

Discover the history of the Second Temple of Jerusalem

The Second Temple was a magnificent structure that served as the center of Jewish worship in ancient times. Dive into its fascinating history and learn about its role during this era. Explore the beauty and significance of one of the most iconic buildings in history.

Historicity and it's definition

Historicity and It’s Definition

Establishing historical accuracy is important for any research or study, as it allows us to understand the past with better accuracy and make better-informed decisions in the present. To help with this process, this article will explain how scholars come to their results - in simple terms - through different issues they face and how they define history.

The Gospel of Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas Reveals A Treasure

The Gospel is a rare finding of early Christianity. It was deliberately left out of the Bible because its teaching was considered too controversial and didn't fit the doctrine of Christian orthodoxy at the time. One thing that makes the gospel so special is that it contains many sayings of Jesus not found in other canonical gospels.